RudderStack Features

Discover RudderStack's robust features, from cloud sources to our flexible Data Governance API for validation.

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Mobile, Cloud and Server Side SDKs
We have 11 SDKs that span mobile, cloud and server-side use cases. From JavaScript to Unity, we have your app covered. Are you using Segment? We support Segment as a source as well, making migration as easy as possible.
Cloud Sources
Along with our standard SDKs, we support cloud sources, meaning you can ingest event data from the cloud apps that drive customer interactions. Common use-cases include sign-up events from Auth0 and email events from
Your Data Warehouse
Your data warehouse is the most valuable source of data in the stack. RudderStack supports your warehouse as a source, both directly and via Looker actions, meaning you can collect and distribute the important data work you’ve performed on top of your warehouse. every part of your data stack

Cloud App Destinations

From CRMs to customer experience tools and marketing automation, RudderStack can send data to the tools that teams around your company already use. We ship new destinations every 2 weeks, so our library is constantly growing.

Data Warehouse Destinations

The warehouse is the king of your customer data stack, and our infrastructure is built with that in mind. RudderStack fully integrates with Snowflake, Redshift, Google Big Query, PostgreSQL and ClickHouse.

Real-time Processing

By default, RudderStack syncs to your warehouse every 30 minutes. If you need faster sync, the schedule is fully configurable, so you can implement near realtime sync for use cases like personalization.

Flexible Hosting Options

RudderStack Cloud
RudderStack Cloud is our fully hosted SaaS offering. Create an account, instrument the SDKs, set up destinations, and watch the data flow. Our Cloud offering also includes key features like Cloud Sources, Transformations, Live Debuggers and more.
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Dedicated Instance / VPC Deployment
Our VPC package includes full engineering support, dedicated deployment docs for your team and alerting that integrates with your existing setup. With dedicated support, setting up and running a dedicated instance is fast and smooth.
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Data Processing & Debugging

Data Transformations
Transformations allows you to write custom JavaScript to transform and enrich your data as it passes through RudderStack. Use cases range from PII masking to enrichment.
Live Debugger
Running your stack requires regular testing, implementation and troubleshooting. RudderStack offers Live Debuggers for both Sources and Destinations.
Event Replay
Event Replay is 100% assurance that you'll never lose data. Built with your data ownership as a top priority,  we leverage an S3 bucket in your stack and only run jobs on our end.
Alerting & Error Notifications
When you hit peak volume or a destination goes down, you need to know immediately. Our robust alerting system notifies your team and ours.
Monitoring with Grafana
RudderStack gives you full visibility into the health of the infrastructure via pre-configured Grafana dashboards.

Data Governance

Data Governance API
Our approach to data governance is API-first. With our Data Governance API, you get full access to all the metadata associated with your events.

This includes information related to the schema of the event payload, data types, and even versions of event payload. Our API makes it easy to incorporate RudderStack into your existing data governance and QA process.
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Enterprise Grade Control & Scale

Flexible, Multi-node Scaling

With RudderStack, you can collect as much data as possible without worrying about an increase in your bill. Our high-scale customers leverage a multi-node infrastructure that easily scales to billions of events per month.

Multi-role & Multi-user Support

RudderStack supports multiple users and multiple roles, including view-only. This makes it easy to manage dev and production processes and provide limited access to non-developer teams.

Single Sign-On

We offer single-sign on (SSO) support, so you can mitigate security risks and manage access to RudderStack without any hassle.

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