Own your customer data infrastructure

RudderStack makes it simple for data engineers to empower every part of their company with customer data.

  • Unlimited MTUs & events
  • Unlimited sources & destinations
  • Segment API compatible
  • Fixed platform fee

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With RudderStack you don't have to worry about event volumes or spikes day in and day out

You get to focus on building the product. Plus having the entire platform hosted on our internal platforms help us manage the data better. You don’t need to worry about data privacy and you can always tweak the platform according to your own needs.

Satyam Krishnan, Data Lead, Grofers

data engineering teams at these companies run on rudderstack


Unlimited MTUs
Fixed Platform Fee
(see pricing)
MTUs (including anonymous visitors)
Host in your own VPC
JS/iOS/Android SDK
Unity SDK
Server Side SDKs
Top 40, new destinations every 2 weeks
Grafana Dashboards
Warehouse/S3 Sync
15 minutes
6/12 hours
Replay: Backfill archived data to new tools
Implementation Services
Real-time event transformations
Kafka Support
Ad-blocker Resilient

Open-Source Customer Data Infrastructure

Connect your website or app with 100s of data warehouses and marketing tools using just a few clicks

No coding. No testing. No deployment.

Clone from GitHub

Integrate RudderStack once and route customer event data with just a few clicks to the destinations of your choice. Stop wasting countless hours of drudgery building data pipes that just move data to a multitude of marketing apps and data warehouses. Invest time developing the machine learning algorithm that will grow your company.

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Why RudderStack?

RudderStack is built by data engineers, for data engineers.

Control the customer data you own
Deploy RudderStack in your private cloud and fully control your customer event data. Apply your own security policies. Ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA.


Add your own custom destination with ease
Have your own custom destination? Create your own plugin by following our extensive documentation. Even better, send us a pull request in GitHub. We’ll merge it in. Reduce your maintenance headache.


Scale to 150 million events on a single node
Need to scale even more? Upgrade to Enterprise version that supports multi-node, high-availability cluster. See our pricing.

Fast Implementation

Go live in less than a month
Largest customers have deployed RudderStack to production in a month. Deploy yourself for free. Or contact us for professional support.

Get one free month of access