RudderStack vs. Segment

Segment is great, but RudderStack is better.

We give you the same event streaming you need but rise above Segment, because we are open source, warehouse-first, and have more sensible pricing.

RudderStack also completes your customer data stack by enabling you to turn warehouse data into an event stream that you can send to all of your destinations.
Start building a better CDP
RudderStack Cloud is the best way to experience the power of a warehouse-first customer data stack.
SDK and cloud sources
100+ destinations
Up to 500,000 events/mo for free
Live debuggers
Community support via Slack
Why RudderStack?

Here are the top reasons companies choose RudderStack over Segment

Open source & built for devs
RudderStack is built for developers with an API-first approach to features, so you can seamlessly integrate it with your existing stack and workflow.
RudderStack treats your data warehouse as a first-class citizen, and provides unique features to unlock the data residing within it and share the insights with the rest of your data stack.
We don't store any of your data
Instead of storing your data in our infrastructure, we build your customer data lake and your identity graph on your data warehouse, giving you complete control over your customer data.
Usage-based pricing
Unlike Segment, RudderStack’s pricing is sensible - purely based on event volume, rather than charging for MTUs.

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When companies migrate from Segment, they love using these developer-focused features

Transform any data that you send through RudderStack to do things like mask PII, filter events, and enrich data through external APIs.

Data Governance API

Pull rich metadata on your event stream and integrate with your existing alerting system and CI/CD pipeline, then push schema enforcement back into system—all via API.

Rich Grafana Dashboards

Get a real-time view of events, see performance under load and get rich statistics about event delivery.

Warehouse Actions

Turn rows from your warehouse into an event stream and send enriched data to your entire stack.

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We're API-compatible with Segment and we’ve helped 100s of companies migrate to RudderStack.


Pricing model
MTUs (including anonymous visitors)
Advanced feature pricing

Core Features

Event replay
Open-source offering
Dedicated VPC hosting
Ad-blocker resilient
Real-time event and custom transformations
Data governance & schema enforcement
Data ownership
Doesn't store data
Stores a copy of your data
Warehouse sync time
30 minutes, configurable to run even faster
6-12 hours

SDKs, Sources & Destinations

Web, mobile and server-side event tracking
Cloud Sources
Warehouse destinations
High-performance JavaScript SDK for eCommerce
Unity SDK for gaming apps
Apache Kafka Destination
Integrations library
Top 100, new destinations every 2 weeks
200 destinations

Audiences & Identity Resolution

Identity graph
Instantiated on your warehouse
Black box
Audience creation
Use any audience you create in your warehouse
Advanced activation
Pushed from your warehouse via Warehouse Actions
UI-based via Personas

Implementation, Monitoring & Support

Real-time monitoring via Grafana Dashboards
Implementation services
Slack community

Use Cases

Automatically build a customer data lake
Enables CDP functionality on your data warehouse/data lake
Runs CDP in a silo
Build a single view of the customer in the warehouse
Every data point and the identity graph live in your warehouse
Customer profiles live in a black box
Run the data stack in your own VPC for high-security
Kubernetes-native VPC deployment option
No VPC deployment
Enable real-time personalization
Leverage RudderStack Event Stream and your own stack (Redis, etc.)
Forced to buy Personas product
Manage identity resolution
Identity graph lives on your warehouse
Lives behind Segment’s walls
Feed data science real-time from every source
Robust support for data science infrastructure
Primarily built for marketing departments

Built by data engineers, for data engineers

Deploy RudderStack in your private cloud and fully control your customer event data. Apply your own security policies. Ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA.
Have your own custom destination? Create your own plugin by following our extensive documentation. Even better, send us a pull request in GitHub. We’ll merge it in. Reduce your maintenance headache.
Flat-fee pricing for up to 300 million events per month. If you need more, our Enterprise plan supports multi-node, high-availability, SSO, event replay and more.
Fast Implementation
Go live in less than a month. Our largest customers have deployed RudderStack to production in less than 4 weeks. You can deploy yourself for free or contact us for professional support.