RudderStack vs. Segment

RudderStack is different than Segment in a few key ways:

We are warehouse-first - we don't persist any of your data, meaning no more silos, no marked up storage cost and no security concerns

We are built for devs - our features are API-first and designed to be integrated into your existing development process

We offer common-sense pricing - Instead of charging for MTUs, our pricing scales transparently on event volume
Start building a better CDP
RudderStack Cloud Free is the best way to experience the power of a warehouse-first customer data stack.
SDK and cloud sources
70+ destinations
Up to 500,000 events/mo for free
Live debuggers
Community support via Slack

Join top companies who have switched from Segment

"The pricing model means you get to focus on building the product and the warehouse-first approach means you don’t need to worry about data privacy."

—Satyam Krishnan, Data Lead, Grofers


Unlimited MTUs
MTUs (including anonymous visitors)
Host in your own VPC
JS/iOS/Android SDK
Unity SDK
Server Side SDKs
Top 70, new destinations every 2 weeks
Grafana Dashboards
Warehouse/S3 Sync
30 minutes
6/12 hours
Replay: Backfill archived data to new tools
Implementation Services
Real-time event transformations
Kafka Support
Ad-blocker Resilient

Built by data engineers, for data engineers

Deploy RudderStack in your private cloud and fully control your customer event data. Apply your own security policies. Ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA.
Have your own custom destination? Create your own plugin by following our extensive documentation. Even better, send us a pull request in GitHub. We’ll merge it in. Reduce your maintenance headache.
Flat-fee pricing for up to 300 million events per month. If you need more, our Enterprise plan supports multi-node, high-availability, SSO, event replay and more.
Fast Implementation
Go live in less than a month. Our largest customers have deployed RudderStack to production in less than 4 weeks. You can deploy yourself for free or contact us for professional support.