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The warehouse-first CDP for developers

RudderStack is a customer data infrastructure platform for collecting, routing and processing data from your apps, website, data warehouse and cloud apps.

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Why RudderStack?

Start building a better CDP

No more silos! RudderStack doesn't persist your data, meaning more security, full ownership and a CDP built on top of your warehouse.
Open source & built for devs
We're open-source and API-first, so RudderStack can be easily integrated into your existing development processes.
Transparent pricing
Stop paying your CDP a premium to store your data. RudderStack is free up to 500,000 events and scales transparently from there.
All of your data, collected

Easily ingest data from every source

RudderStack makes it easy to ingest data from your website, mobile apps, server-side sources and even cloud apps.

12 SDKs
Cloud sources like Salesforce and
HTTP as a source
Segment as a source
Looker as a source
Coming soon...warehouse as a source

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Transform data in-transit or at-rest

RudderStack allows you to run JavaScript functions on the incoming event stream. From masking PII to event sampling, Transformations is one of our most-loved features.

For at-rest data, we offer several pre-built DBT models for use cases like customer journey analysis or sessionization.
“With RudderStack we can give the marketing and sales teams timely data and answer so many more questions for the product team.”
Alex Dovenmule, Data Engineering lead at Mattermost
Deliver rich data to every team

Lightening fast, reliable delivery to your entire stack

RudderStack eliminates the need to manage integrations. Instrument once, then automatically send data directly to the tools and teams who need it.

Lightening fast warehouse sync
Near real time delivery to streaming services like Kafka and Kinesis
70+ cloud destinations across marketing, sales and product
Webhook destinations for internal applications

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