RudderStack Cloud

RudderStack cloud makes it easy for developers to collect, validate, transform and route customer data to warehouses, real-time streaming services and cloud apps.

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Why RudderStack Cloud?

It’s time for a new approach in the way companies architect their customer data stacks and how CDPs fit into the toolset, and that’s exactly what we've built with RudderStack Cloud.

By putting developers, their preferred tools and modern architectures front and center, we’re helping data engineers and their companies discover powerful new opportunities in the way they connect these critical systems and put them to work across the organization.
With RudderStack Cloud, you can turn your data warehouse into a customer data platform and deliver the right data to every part of your marketing and analytics stack.
Sources and Destinations
  • RudderStack Cloud has 11 SDKs for collecting web, mobile and server-side event data.
  • You can also ingest data from cloud application sources (like and Salesforce) and BI tools (like Looker).
  • You can route ingested data to more than 70 destinations, including real-time/streaming destinations like Apache Kafka, warehouses like Snowflake and cloud apps like Amplitude, ZenDesk and AppsFlyer
Speed & Scale
  • RudderStack Cloud can maintain latency of less than 10 minutes in delivering customer event data to cloud warehouses
  • The platform is architected to manage peaks in volume, managing thousands of events per second without the need for any configuration or infrastructure management.
HA / Fault tolerance
Debugging & Monitoring
  • Live debuggers for both sources and destinations allow you to view and debug your data in real time.
  • Data Replay allows you to re-run historic data into any destination
  • Detailed logs and metrics help you quickly understand the health of your data infrastructure.
Data Warehouse
  • RudderStack Cloud treats your Data Warehouse as a first class citizen among destinations
  • Sync is fully configurable and can be run at near-real time
  • We currently support Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, PostgreSQL and ClickHouse as warehouse destinations with more to come soon.
Transformations (JavaScript and DBT)
  • RudderStack Cloud supports in-transit transformations written in JavaScript, configured per-destination in our platform.
  • We also support at-rest transformations using DBT.
  • Powerful and configurable RudderStack models built on DBT can be deployed on your data warehouse to perform tasks like identity stitching and sessionization, turning your warehouse into a featured customer data platform.
Segment API Compatible
  • RudderStack Cloud is fully compatible with the Segment API.
  • If you have used Segment to track events in your website or product, you can migrate to RudderStack Cloud by simply updating the configuration of your SDKs.
Data Governance & Change Management
  • RudderStack Cloud features SSO and User Management for both security and control.
  • Our sophisticated Schema Tracking API that you can leverage to QA and monitor the schema evolution of your event data.
Open Source
  • We started open source and are fully committed to continue building OSS product and community
  • Our core engineering team provides daily support to the community via Discord