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The unified customer data pipeline

RudderStack makes it easy to build customer data pipelines that connect your whole customer data stack and then makes them smarter by enabling you to pull analysis from your data warehouse to trigger enrichment and activation in customer tools.

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Why RudderStack?

Start building better pipelines

No more silos! RudderStack builds your customer data lake on your data warehouse, not on ours, enabling all the functionality of a CDP with more security and full ownership of your data.
Open source & built for devs
We're open-source and API-first, so RudderStack can be easily integrated into your existing development processes. You can see all of our code, so you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in or black-boxes.
Transparent pricing
Stop paying your CDP a premium to store your data. RudderStack is free up to 500,000 events and pricing scales transparently from there.
Event Stream & Cloud Extract

Use all of your customer data

RudderStack Event Stream gives you out-of-the-box SDKs and plugins that make it easy to stream event data from your website, mobile apps, and server-side sources, then send that data to all of your downstream tools and data warehouse.

Then, with RudderStack Cloud Extract, you can build cloud-to-warehouse ELT pipelines from popular cloud applications like Salesforce and ZenDesk, meaning you can go beyond event streaming and use all of your customer data.

12+ SDKs for event streaming
Cloud Extract sources like Salesforce and
80+ cloud and warehouse destinations
Segment source and destination (for simple migration)

Implore user action with this small CTA.

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Implore user action with this small CTA.

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Transform your data in-transit or at-rest

RudderStack Transformations lets you transform any data that you send through RudderStack and can be used across Event Stream, Warehouse Actions, and Cloud Extract pipelines. They are easy to build, debug, and manage; and they run in real-time, after data collection and before delivery to a destination. They’re data transformations that work like you think they should.

We also offer several pre-built DBT models that take the work out of use cases like customer journey analysis and sessionization.

Pre-built templates for common use cases such as data masking, event filtering, enrichment, and many more
Transformations Library lets you create modular, re-usable functions you can use in Transformations
Transformations API lets programmatically interact with transformations – making it easy to integrate into your engineering processes
Official, pre-built DBT models
Warehouse Actions

Activate data from your warehouse

Your most valuable analysis is done on top of your warehouse. RudderStack Warehouse Actions allows you to activate data from your warehouse.
From enriched audiences and cohorts to internal events, you can use Warehouse Actions to send your analysis-derived insights to your entire stack.

Support for all the major warehouses
Update keys to ensure the payload is correct
Configurable sync schedule

Implore user action with this small CTA.

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Lightening fast, reliable delivery to your entire customer stack

RudderStack Cloud is built for extreme scale. Our high-availability, multi-node architecture means you can hit peak volume without having to worry about availability or latency.

Get everything you expect from RudderStack without the toil of maintaining it:

Event Stream - Instrument once with RudderStack’s SDKs to capture event data, then send it to your entire customer data stack with our 80+ destinations and warehouse integrations.
Cloud Extract - Integrations with popular cloud sources, like Salesforce,, and Google AdWords so you can easily set up near-real-time ELT pipelines to your data warehouse.
Warehouse Actions - Pull enriched audience and event data from your data warehouse back through RudderStack and send it to all of your customer tools.
Transformations - Transform any data that you send through RudderStack to do things like mask PII, filter events, and enrich data through external APIs.

Start building a smarter customer data pipeline today

Send up to 500,000 events per month with RudderStack Cloud Free. No credit card required, no time limit.