Live Webinar:
Turn your data warehouse into a CDP with RudderStack

RudderStack is an open-source, enterprise-grade infrastructure for routing and processing event data from your apps and website to your data warehouse and cloud apps.

• Meet our head of Product
• Every second Friday of the month
• 45 minutes long with Q&A

What we cover

  1. Getting started with RudderStack
  2. How RudderStack fits into your existing data infrastructure pipeline
  3. Migrating from other products, like Segment, to RudderStack
  4. Use cases and best practices (data engineering, marketing, and more)
  5. Customer stories
  6. Q&A

Built by data engineers for data engineers

Our product is enterprise ready, but open-source and accessible for everyone. Here's how RudderStack helps you change the data game.
Owned, warehouse-first architecture

We designed RudderStack to empower data engineers to own the entire customer data pipeline, starting with their own warehouse.

Advanced transformation and routing

From PII removal to data enrichment, RudderStack gives you the ability to provide value and security to every part of your organization.

Scalable pricing on
every plan

Stop paying to track anonymous users. RudderStack removes the artificial cost of warehouse space and streamlines the pipeline, meaning you only pay for actual value.

Join a live quick-start webinar with our Head of Product

Every second Friday at 10am PST. If you can't make it, we'll send you the recording.
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